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The trial of Bruce Mendenhall,  I-40 serial killer accused of killing a growing list of women from all walks of life including prostitutes, students, hitchhikers and young mothers, reached a new verdict today when the killer was found guilty of three counts of trying to have a witness killed. Mendenhall pleaded not guilty to this new accusation.

Fox News Video:

Mendenhall was arrested in 2007, along interstate I-40 in Nashville, Tennessee. During his initial trial, he implicated himself in the killing of Sara Nicole Hulbert, whose body was found at a truck stop he frequented, and her bloody clothing found in Mendenhall’s vehicle. To date, Mendenhall has also been charged with the murder of prostitute Symantha Winters, whose body was found in a truck stop trash can and Lucille Carter, who was found naked, a plastic bag wrapped around her head, stuffed into another trash bin.